Sunday, 26 April 2015

Outfit Of The Day

This Look:
Top: Forever 21
High waisted leggings: River Island
Denim Jacket: Cotton On
Boots: Cotton On
Bag: Accessorize 

( Now I know I usually do a quote of the week on a Sunday, but this week has really been a bit upside down :( and i hadn't blogged all week - very sorry about that <3- so I though i'd do a more "proper" little post for today! )

This is my look of the day - for a more causal , fun day out with friends!
When I go out on just general little day outs with my friends I don't always really like "dressing up" all that much I feel that it just becomes really uncomfortable so I just tend to ditch it completely!
We did quite a bit of walking around- which is why I opted for my newest addition to my wardrobe that i'm completely obsessed with  right now - my black ankle boots! These boots are honestly the most comfortable thing on the planet right now ( maybe not but they come really close!) and it's slightly heeled so, the height struggle is taken care of! 

I love denim, it's in almost every single one of my looks! I just find them so versatile and comfy- it's just my trustily little friend!
The last thing that's one of my all time staples in this look - are the high waisted leggings! these are probably the best pair of leggings I own ! for people who aren't a fan of showing the little tummy slip with crop tops or generally really short tops, like myself - these are your savior!

I hope you enjoy this look - It's not all too fancy at all, but I just liked how everything worked together and it just really suited the occasion!
If you have any wardrobe staples that I should try? feel free to lemme know! I'm all about trying new things.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

ASOS wishlist

For this post I though i'd try doing a wishlist! I always see these being done and i think they're a great way of showing off your style/ taste in a completely indirect way!

So as i mentioned before, I thought i'd give it a go and I hope you like these finds because i absolutely love them!

So this wishlist is a mixture of both festive and general pieces, now since the recent event of Coachella - everyone ( including myself seems to be in quite the festival, free spirit kinda mood!) - even if we didn't go, might as well pretend?

On this wishlist I have a loose red print playsuit and a flowy bohemian tassle dress - For me these two items are fun, flirty and really casual that can be dressed up for a fun event during the day , as well as being worn on a day to day basis! I'm really loving the boho look recently, I think it's quite an underrated style that's really fun to wear!

The blue plea coat is not really something i need but rather something i'd really love to have! I'm quite the coat/jacket collector because i think it can completely transform any look - from dressing it down to dressing it up! I love the color and cut of this coat and think it's really cute.

For the accessories -

  • I chose the Fadora hat in beige because i really love hats, they can be worn in both Summer and Winter and always add a little bit of a vintage feel to a look. 
  • The floral embedded sunnies i though were so cute! they're so different to any pair of specs i've ever had and I thought they'd be quite fun to wear, and add a little something different to my looks! 
  • The elephant choker- I love elephants! they're one of my favorite animals and I just loved this choker simply because of that! 
  • The bucket bag - it's a shape i don't have, and would really like to use it for some of my looks! and one can never have too many bags! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

styling up sweatshirts

This look :  Sweatshirt - Gap ; Navy shift dress - Forever 21 ; Clutch Bag - River Island ;
                   Sunnies - Aldo ;  Shoes - YDE

I've never really worn sweatshirts much in my life, but somehow always owned them! I found them a bit too bulky - making me look shorter than i already am! and just never knew how to pair them up with anything other than leggings- so, After having them sit in my cupboard untouched I decided to try and find possible ways to try and "style up" a sweatshirt!

Recently I've been seeing a lot of pictures with baggy tops/ T's over simple cut shift dresses - adoring this trend I decided to try and pair up the good ol' sweatshirt with one of my new finds ( that i'm loving!) a navy blue shift dress ( forever 21) - I didn't really expect it to look anything close to appealing but went for it ( ehh why not ? )

So if you're like me - having a on and off relationship with a sweatshirt, or just want to try it out with something besides a trusty pair of leggings? give layering a shift dress a go!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A new series ...

I love quotes - when reading them it's as if the words ignite a flame that had been burnt out.
I find it that it helps me stay motivated and just keep moving forward!
I'm also someone that believes in very far fetched dreams and with far fetched things, it's quite easy to lose the motivation and simply "quit" - some quotes push me to not give up and simply just inspire me.

I find that when i read certain quotes I get the feeling of being a little bit invincible for just a brief moment (  A few seconds or so! ) before reality hits right back in the face!

Through this series of "Quote of the week" i'd like to share my favorite quotes with you and hopefully it motivates, inspires and helps you, even if it's just a little bit! - So that you can also get that brief moment of feeling like Andrew Garfield when Spiderman ! ;)

I'll post one quote a week - generally on a Sunday!
hope you all enjoy this! <3

Monday, 6 April 2015

Top beauty products

For this post I thought i'd share my favorite beauty products that i've currently been using, some of these products i've been using for years whilst others are fairly new to my makeup bag, but i've grown to love each of these products and they have definitely become a staple in my makeup/beauty bag!

 Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil -
This is a leave in treatment for all hair types, I usually apply a small amount after i wash my hair ( i prefer to apply it onto dry hair)  Now I usually wash my hair once every two days, because washing hair everyday does strip your hair from all it's natural oils and can lead to things like dandruff! I find this oil firstly controls the frizz levels of my hair,  leaves it feeling light as well as giving off a slight shine! it also smells really good! and overall it makes hair look and feel healthier!

Benefit Play Stick
This is my savior when put on the clock! it's a foundation, concealer and powder all in one saving ample amounts of time and giving off a clean, finished matte look, and doesn't leave skin feeling muggy and oily!

Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara
I've been using this mascara for 2 years now and i don't think any other mascara has done such wonders! It doesn't clump and doesn't leave lashes feeling heavy! This product completes my makeup and is a staple in my makeup bag! 

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder
For those that don't like their foundation to have an oily effect, like myself, then try and invest in a matte powder for a more finished look! I love Stay Matte from Rimmel- it lightly mattes my makeup and stays on for hours, i've never had to touch up my makeup with this on! It's light on my skin and adds to create a more natural look!            

M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ( Medium dark) -                                                                     I use this mineralized powder as an acting bronzer before i apply my bronzer- it gives my skin a subtle natural bronzing, not defined enough - more of a slight glow ( depending on how much you apply) I find M.A.C pigments quite bold so i apply a small amount!

M.A.C Mineralize Blush ( Warm soul)
 I apply this over my bronzer- it gives a subtle pink shimmer to cheeks, and makes cheekbones slightly more defined! I also apply this in a very small amount because it's quite a defined, heavy colour!

Benefit Erase Paste -
I don't use this all the time because it is quite thick and takes some time to blend in! But this concealer form Benefit acts as a highlighter as well as concealer! I wear this either with a powdered or liquid foundation!

Here are the individual pictures of these products ( Note - These are not my pictures, they are from their respective company websites!)

Avon Moroccan oil
benefit play stick
Maybelline rocket volume express mascara
Rimmel stay matte 
M.A.C mineralize skinfinish 

Benefit erase paste 

M.A.C mineralize blush ( warm soul)
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