Tuesday, 20 October 2015

"The Future Of Fashion "

Hello everyone! 

I’m so excited to finally publish my “debut “ post?( I don’t know what this really is to be if i'm being completely honest )

After reading all of your amazing and encouraging comments about my new approach to blogging, I contemplated for a while what my first "new" first post would be and finally, after what must've been days, I decided to dedicate this post to “ The Future Of Fashion” as I feel it ties in with the theme I’m headed to with this blog.

Quite literally, this was a series that British It- girl Alexa Chung covered with British Vogue, called - "The Future Of Fashion" .

For those of you that have never heard of this, it’s basically a small series dedicated to exposing the “ depths” of the fashion industry as well taking a look into the future direction fashion may end up in and answering commonly asked question by the public.

From advice from major fashion houses such as Balmain , Paul Smith, Chloe and Christopher Kane This series is definitely one to consider taking a look at if you’re someone who’d  like to end up working in the fashion industry someday or if you’re looking for a different perspective on fashion and how the industry works!

I don’t want t ruin too much so, I’m going to end off there!

If any of you have seen this, let me in on your thoughts!

I’ve linked the first episode down below for any of you interested in taking a look.

 All the love! 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blog makeover

Hello everyone! 

Lately I’ve practically been awol 
from my blog. 
This is because I
completely content
with the direction
 and general flow of Miss H. 

With that being 
said, I took a long break, to 
try and think of a way to 
make my site as
 unique and true to me as possible. 

I came up and developed a concept that enables me to tell stories 
through fashion. To conjure up the steps to completing or creating 
looks – through narratives, personal illustrations and 
other compositions 
I, or even you, may feel might fit. 

The “new” direction of my blog is going to be focusing on putting looks 
together, where to find wardrobe staples and simple how –to’s on re- 
wearing clothes, as well as something I like to call “ inspiration boards” which will entail all the inspirations ( not only fashion related ) that help me to come up with new looks. 
This will vary from nature, interiors and day-to-day activities – basically, a super cool pinterest board for your convenience! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this - so that i can really nail down exactly what you guys want to see/read! 

All the love! x 

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